Surf Noir v1: Future Surf Love Sounds (EP)
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1 Catching Waves
2 Difficult ft. CAY
3 Luv U Down
4 Wild 4 U
5 Partners In Crime ft. Lex Lucent
6 Take My Phone
7 Strangers ft. Grant Sounds

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#FutureSurf is a musical genre, visual aesthetic, and way of being. Shoutout to @Drake for dropping some future-surf today as well.

​I created this genre to label my affinity for coastal culture. In an effort to reinvigorate my creativity, I began an ethnomusicological study of various artistic and political movements across the world’s coastal communities.

​In my studies, I was particularly fascinated by the intentional and coincidental similarities between what these communities were making. There was a thread that I needed to follow that seemed to connect us all.

​I began to view the ocean as portal that carries vibrations across it. Even if we cannot travel abroad, the waves that we make still do.

​Being born in the Midwest, I often fantasized about living by the ocean and used to view it as a “sea of possibilities” 🥁

​Eventually relocated to grow up in Norfolk, VA, the ocean often felt like this ominous hurdle constantly reminding one of their limitations.

​“Surf Noir” is a place, a time, and a feeling.

​In 2019, I created the concept of this place to describe the world I wanted to build with my art. A digital oasis to escape to.


Release Date

June 17, 2022